Clinic locations:

Near Prime Tower: Naphtastrasse 4, 8005 Zürich, Kreis 5  +41 44 501 81 81

At Hegibachplatz: Forchstrasse 108, 8032 Zürich, Kreis 7 +41 44 380 03 34

We are TCM Mandarin

Multifaceted, competent and with many years of experience

Head of TCM Mandarin practice

Xiaojing Wang

Clinic Manager

I have headed this practice since 2010, focussing on the highest quality standards for this holistic healing art. In doing so, I have also sought to impart a piece of Chinese culture for you, our patients and visitors.


Traditional Chinese medicine has an important place in my family, and members have been practicing this proven art of healing for 3 generations. I also play some classical Chinese instruments, teach the Chinese language and am generally interested in Chinese literature and philosophy.


When you are in treatment with us, you may, at times, hear the gentle sound of classical Chinese music, played live in our TCM facilities.

TCM Specialist from our practice

Guojun Zhao

TCM therapist, general treatments. Tuina massage

Mr. Zhao brings decades of experience as a TCM therapist. He practiced in China for ten years after his studies of medicine. Afterwards another 10 years in England and 6 years in Switzerland.


He is specialized in:

  • Eye and ear diseases
  • diabetes, metabolic diseases
  • Pain therapy
  • Complaints of the musculoskeletal system
  • Rheumatism
  • Age-related diseases
  • Autoimmune diseases / allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin problems
  • Psychology

Mr. Zhao (also known as Dr. William) is fluent in Chinese and English. Currently he is intensively improving his German language skills.

Massage specialist from TCM Mandarin

Guoan Chen

Massage therapist, Tuina massage

Guoan Chen, born 1960 in Shanghai, China.

  • Training in massage and Qigong (Shanghai).
  • Further education in Bowen Therapy ISBT in Switzerland 2004.
  • Many years of experience in Tuina massage, Thai massage, sports massage and as a Qigong teacher.
  • Lives in Pfäffikon/ZH, Switzerland since 2002

Speaks German and Chinese.

Advisor from TCM Mandarin

Dieter Furrer

TCM Therapist, Marketing Manager

Dipl. TCM therapist (acupuncture & herbal medicine)
Consultant to TCM Mandarin


TCM Experience

Since 2007        Employment at Lian Chinaherb (Wollerau) as TCM specialist and marketing manager

2007 - 2010      Development and independent work as TCM therapist (Hegibach)
2006 - 2007      Employed in a TCM center in Oerlikon
2002 - 2007      Continuing education in acupuncture and herbal medicine
2002 - 2005      Independent work as TCM therapist in the health practice at Bellevue


1999 - 2002     Training as TCM acupuncturist/herbalist at the Tao Chi School Zurich
1998 - 1999      Training in school medicine at the Paramed School (Baar)

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