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Chinese herbal therapy

Multi-component Formula to support the TCM Therapy

Utensils for herbal therapy in TCM

Based on an exact TCM diagnosis, the TCM therapist selects the ideal formula, so-called multi-component formula, from about 400 herbs for the patient individually. This suggested formula is then checked by the specialized pharmacy Lian Chinaherb, prepared and delivered to the patient for collection at the chosen pharmacy.


Treatment procedure  

he herbal recipes are available in various forms, mostly as granules or liquid concentrates but also as ointments, as raw drugs, by decoction of the raw herbs or in pill form.


Chinese medicines contain mostly herbal ingredients, but also some mineral and animal substances.  


The four hundred frequently used Chinese medicines are mostly prescribed to patients as complex multi-component formulations. The drugs are fine-tuned to each other to make the prescription as balanced as possible and to adapt it to the complex circumstances of the individual patient's disease. 

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