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Our TCM treatments for your health

The correct diet has been part of Traditional Chinese Medicine since its earliest beginnings, thousands of years ago.


In the course of a treatment, the patient's diet and eating habits are taken into account and where necessary, a diet plan is drawn up, in combination with other therapies.


The correct nutrition works wonders in helping to prevent diseases and supports a successful TCM  therapy.


The energetics, i.e. the temperature of the food, whether cooling, warming or neutral, are taken into account. The therapist assembles a concrete nutrition plan for the patient. The individual TCM diagnosis, the clinical picture and the constitution of the patient are all taken into account. Seasonal factors also play a role. For example, in winter warmer foods and spices, such as soups, winter vegetables and cinnamon are preferable to cold foods such as salads or yogurt. 


Extreme changes in diet or one-sided diets should be avoided. If necessary, the therapist will discuss the preparation of the food with the patient. 


Our therapies for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tcm therapist sticks acupuncture needles into the skin
Tcm therapist performs a Tui Na massage on the back
A woman with cupping cups on her back

A TCM therapist performs Gua Sha on a patient
A TCM therapist holds a Moxa cigar close to a patient
A set of utensils for chinese herbal therapy

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