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27.10.2021 - TCM Mandarin OPEN DOOR Day

Fancy taking a glimpse into our clinic at Naphtastrasse 4?

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 / WOC

Invitation to the Open Practice Day in October 2021

Dear friends of TCM Mandarin


On the day of the open clinic on Wednesday, October 27, 2021, you are warmly invited to visit us at Naphtastrasse from 12:00 noon on. Whether you have questions, would like an acupuncture trial or just want to say hello - come by and enjoy an afternoon in Chinese atmosphere with food and drink.


We are looking forward to your visit and wonderful conversations.


Your TCM Mandarin Team


Autumn from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine

September 8, 2021 / WOC

In autumn and winter, plants withdraw their juices into the roots to prepare for winter. We humans feel the same way - during these seasons we are more drawn to the inside of the house. Thus, our body is increasingly confronted with "dryness", which can be seen on the skin,  felt in the nose or in the throat. We often feels powerless or even unwell. The nose runs, the head hurts. TCM also connects some depressions to this. If external influences take up too much of our defenses, diseases have an easier time attacking our body!

One can prevent these autumn diseases! A Chinese proverb states:


"When there is enough harmonious energy in the body, when the immune system is strong, harmful influences don't stand a chance."


At TCM Mandarin, we focus on specific nutrition and proven methods such as acupuncture, cupping, Tuina massage and moxibustion when preventing and treating such kind of diseases. Each treatment is individually tailored to you after a detailed discussion.


Talk to us and make an appointment today at one of our 2 practices by simply book online: https://booking.epat.ch/mandarin/booking


We are looking forward to see you!

Your TCM Mandarin Team 🍂🍁



Year of the ox

February 11, 2021 / WOC


🎉 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year 🎉


On February 12, the new year begins in China, which is the "Year of the metallic Ox". This name finds its origin in the Chinese calendar by Chinese astrology, which follows a cycle of sixty years. Therefore, the last time the element metal and the symbol buffalo were combined was in 1961.


In traditional Chinese medicine, human organs are assigned to elements. About elements, in turn, it can be said that they follow certain directions of movement. Metal, for example, has an energy which is flowing downwards: when in nature, minerals and debris sink further and further downwards and seep into the earth, then at some point ores are formed. The lungs also let their energy or Qi flow downwards through their wings - comparable to a stretched umbrella on which the drops first roll outwards and then downwards. If the Qi of the lungs does not flow downward, an imbalance occurs and disease can result. It is exciting that we are entering a metal or lung year and the main issue on earth is still the covid19 affecting lungs.


Metal emerges from the earth. Firmly on the earth stands the powerful buffalo. He is a peaceful animal who has tremendous power but does not use it for the sake of violence.


Get your power back by bringing your body into balance through our therapies. Treat yourself and your lungs with an acupuncture treatment or a soothing Chinese Tuina massage - bookable online, by phone or via eMail. Or just walk by to toast the New Year with a sip of Chinese wine. We are looking forward to see you!


Best regards

Your TCM Mandarin Team


TCM Mandarin has a new member of the team!

May 17, 2020 / woc

We are pleased that TCM specialist Guojun Zhao has joined our team.

Mr. Zhao brings with him over 30 years of experience as a TCM therapist, including 10 years in England and 6 years in Switzerland.

He is specialized in:

📌 Eye and ear diseases

📌 Diabetes, metabolic diseases

📌 Pain therapy

📌 Complaints of the musculoskeletal system

📌 Rheumatism

📌 Age-related diseases

📌 Autoimmune diseases / allergies

📌 Digestive problems

📌 skin problems

📌 Psychology


We are looking forward to working with Mr. Zhao!

The TCM Mandarin Team

TCM Specialist Guojun Zhao

A thank you gift to our valued customers

May 6, 2020 / woc

Dear TCM Mandarin customers


We are in our second week since reopening and are so happy to see you all again! 🤩


❤️ The entire team would like to thank you for your trust in us and in our security concept. As a small token of our thanks, we would like to present you with a mask made of washable cotton fabric- as long as supplies last!


Your TCM Mandarin Team


 #AllWillBeGood #KeepDistance #KeepTheCurveFlat #TogetherWeCan

Safety concept and hygienic measures

April 26, 2020 / woc

Starting tomorrow Monday, April 27, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m. we will be there for you again and we look forward to seeing you all!🎉🎉🎉


📌 With our new safety concept and extended hygiene measures, we exceed the safety requirements of the Federal Office of Public Health, that will protect you, our valued customers, and our employees.


We count on your participation and understanding 💪🏻


Your TCM Mandarin Team


#StayHealthy #TogetherWeCan


Description of the hygiene measures at TCM Mandarin
Further description of the hygiene measures at TCM Mandarin
Hygiene measures at TCM Mandarin